The Band, the music

Picture by Matthias Irrgang

Heimataerde bring you all these things in one!

Founded in 2004 Heimataerde was first planned as a studio only project. After three successfull album releases the band gained massive attention from all over the globe and generated more and more live request. In 2007 they entered the stage for the first time at famous Wave Gotik Treffen in Leipzig/Germany.

At the same time the live request increased rapidly!

The successfull Wave Gotik Treffen show was followed by numerous european festival appearances with phrenetic response by the attending audiences.

Now the fourth studio album to date under the title „Unwesen“ is released!

The band & music of Heimataerde

A dark mixture of harsh electro and medieval instruments such as backpipes and cymbals gained a lot of attention for Heimataerde in their short time of existence.

To get a catchy synonym for the music of Heimataerde the media created a new musical style entitled medieval/electro. Obviously the world of Heimataerde does not cover normal medieval life with impostor and gleeman but a dark scenery of the cruel crusaders life.

Heimataerde recruit undeads, templar knights and fanatics showing no fear to cause fright and death to reach their goal in the name of god!

The storyteller Ashlar von Megalon an eternal wanderer and vampire leads you through all this scenery always in search of answers and hidden truth!


Heimataerde never releases any remixes of their original songs but established a concept way more interresting and innovative! The band recruits guest musicians to patch them into their musical concept. The new album “Unwesen” proceeds this to perfection.

Dj Gillian booker and DJ of the famous „Dark Dance Treffen“, Alexander „Lex“ Wohnhaas of „Megaherz“ fame and Martin Engler leader of the band „Mono Inc.“ are three great guestartists which left their mark in the original  Heimataerde-sound. Furthermore the first single outtake „Malitia Angelica“ did manage to become a true successor in the DAC (german alternative charts).

The Show

Picture by Matthias Irrgang

Heimataerde expand the small path of acting for an electro act. The aim is to get the audience into the world of Heimataerde. Opera like they send you on a journey into their dark  fearful medieval story.

Besides the musical performance the band absorb acting and visual projection to their stage show. The bandmembers wear armor based on original robes of the era. Weapons, banners, shields and other military equipment belongs to the bands environment. On stage they struggle as a true addition to the story they tell.For the visual back projection they´ve shot a complex movie with a lot of actors and extra.

Heimataerde on stage is unique!